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Tip top salon

Mizano Authorised Salon
160 Boston road Hanwell
United Kingdom London W7 2HJ
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Mon - Wed 10 am - 6pm Thurs 10 am - 7pm Fri 10 am - 8pm Sat 9 am - 6pm
Tip top salon
Tip top salon

Tip Top Salon is a high quality hairdressing and beauty salon based in West London that specializes in Asian, Afro and European Hair care, as well as a variety of beauty services.

Some of the hairdressing services we offer include:
Natural Haircare
Bridal Packages
Press & Tong
Hair Extensions
Permanent Straightening
Ssiter locs

Specialises in

  • Basic: trimming, washing, treatments,
  • Braids,
  • Bridal hair,
  • children's hair,
  • Colour,
  • Cornrows,
  • Curly Caucasian hair,
  • Long hairstyles,
  • Muslim hair,
  • Natural Hair,
  • Relaxed hair,
  • Short hairstyles,
  • sister locs,
  • Straight Caucasian hair,
  • Weaves,
  • Wigs
Average Rating
4 Stars
  • Skill of Hairdressers5 Stars
  • Time taken to do hair4 Stars
  • Honesty of hairdressers5 Stars
  • Customer service5 Stars
  • Price4 Stars

User Reviews

Miss K

Posted by Miss K


After finding out about the salon through, I booked an appointment with Mary. After discussing the size of braids and their length, I sat down and Cassie started breading my hair. At times, both Mary and Cassie were breading my hair. Senegalese twists were what I wanted to get and I was really pleased with the end result. While it took quite a while to get these done, I would definitely recommend the salon to friends as overall the quality of the service is good. Thanks again to Cassie and Mary for their patience and their skills. If you'd like to get your hair done at Tip Top salon, do note that you will need to leave plenty of time in your day to get it done. You might also like to bring a snack.
Hairdresser's Name Cassie and Mary
Style: senegalese twists

User Ratings
  • Skill of Hairdressers4 Stars
  • Time taken to do hair2 Stars
  • Honesty of hairdressers4 Stars
  • Customer service3 Stars
  • Price3 Stars

Posted by Kwags


Mary and her colleague were friendly and explained their approach clearly ( I was having pick and drop braids done). I usually feedback quite a few times during my hair being braided as I see shortcuts being taken but the experience at Tip Top salon was of a professional level. I sat through patiently and with confidence that they knew what they were doing-and they did not disappoint. Hair was completed in good time and most importantly, I am so happy with my braids. I will definitely be back there again and can’t wait to recommend my friends for a visit. Keep up the professionalism, good quality work and the excellent customer service.
Hairdresser's Name Mary and another lady
Style: Braids

User Ratings
  • Skill of Hairdressers5 Stars
  • Time taken to do hair3 Stars
  • Honesty of hairdressers5 Stars
  • Customer service5 Stars
  • Price3 Stars

Posted by Amai


Have been going here for many years for 3 main reasons; 1) These ladies generally listen to their customers and I'm able to have a conversation with them and find a compromise if they recommend a different style/method. They understand that its your hair on your head and you're paying :) That's amazing and not easy to find. 2) The place is clean and hygienic (i.e. they don't use a comb on your hair that they've just been using with someone else without cleaning etc etc!). 3) They are quick and I have been very happy with the results almost all of the time.
Hairdresser's Name Mary
Style: Weaves

User Ratings
  • Skill of Hairdressers0 Stars
  • Time taken to do hair4 Stars
  • Honesty of hairdressers5 Stars
  • Customer service4 Stars
  • Price3 Stars